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Situation: Mr. Patel and his family where just over 180 kilometers from home, on his way to his parents' house, when a car hit them at full speed. While Mr. Patel and the children were unharmed, Mrs. Patel was unfortunately badly hurt. Thanksfully, Assist America was there help! 
Services Provided: Medical Monitoring and Medical Repatriation
Success Story:

Mr. Patel, his wife and their three children were on their way to visit his parents when, after a little over a 180-kilometer drive, a car hit the front right side of Mr. Patel’s van at full speed. Mr. Patel immediately looked to the back seats where his children were in a shaken stupor, but thankfully unharmed. However, his wife, fortunately alive, had taken the brunt of the impact and was bleeding badly and unable to move. Paramedics soon arrived to the scene of the accident and everyone was rushed to the nearest hospital.
At the hospital, doctors informed Mr. Patel that his wife had broken her femur as well as bones in her forearm and nose, which would require immediate surgery. Mr. Patel was struggling to cope with the reality of the situation, and while waiting for his wife to get out of surgery decided to call Assist America for help. Despite being the middle of the night, his call was answered promptly. After explaining to Mr. Patel Assist America’s core services, the medical coordinator engaged medical monitoring to ensure Mrs. Patel was receiving the best treatment possible.
Once Mrs. Patel had her surgery and obtained all of the necessary casts, the local treating physicians and Assist America’s medical transportation experts started to discuss the best methods to repatriate her home. When deemed safe for travel by her doctor, Assist America arranged for an all-expenses paid ambulance to pick her up, with a trained nurse on board to ensure Mrs. Patel’s safety and comfort on the road. After a couple of hours, Mrs. Patel arrived home where her husband and the children were impatiently waiting for her, ready to help and support her through her recovery.
This traumatic incident caused the family stress and pain, but thanks to Assist America, some of the administrative and financial burden was alleviated, allowing the family to focus solely on their health and Mrs. Patel’s recovery.