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Situation: Assist America's member, Emma was transported to a hospital after falling and severely injuring her head during a family cruise around Mexico.
Services Provided: Medical Monitoring, Medical Repatriation


Success Story: 

Emma*, Richard* and their two-year-old son were on a cruise around the Yucatan Peninsula when Emma took a dramatic fall causing multiple skull fractures. The cruise ship stopped in Cozumel, Mexico and transported Emma to the local hospital.
Called by Emma’s husband, Assist America contacted the local treating team and began monitoring Emma’s condition. The local doctors confirmed that Emma was suffering three skull fractures resulting in Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) leak.
After a few days in the Cozumel hospital, Emma’s condition improved. Assist America and the treating medical team started to discuss her return home. Emma’s injuries required her to stay in supine position and have respiratory support along the way. Assist America arranged and paid for Emma’s repatriation via an air ambulance and end-to-end ground transportation with a full medical crew.
Accompanied by her family, Emma returned safely to Florida where she was able to recover from her injuries in the comfort of her home. The family is very grateful for Assist America’s services, ensuring that Emma received the best care possible while in Mexico and allowing an easy and safe trip back home.

Testimonial: “The coordinators at Assist America were incredibly kind and seemed sincerely concerned with my well-being.” - Emma