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Situation: Assist America’s services attached to a health plan, 34-year-old male traveling on business in Kenya was paralyzed following seizure

Medical Monitoring
Medical Repatriation via Commercial Carrier
Medical Escort

Assist America’s Operations Center in Princeton, NJ received a call from a gentleman who stated that he was en route to the hospital with his colleague, an Assist America member. He reported that they had been traveling in a remote area of Kenya when his co-worker had suffered from some sort of seizure, leaving him paralyzed. The caller provided the name of the facility where he was bringing the patient, and asked Assist America to begin monitoring his care upon arrival.

Once the patient was admitted, Assist America learned that he had a history of back problems, and had received a number of vaccines in preparation for the trip to Kenya. A bad reaction to the vaccinations triggered a seizure which caused root compression of the patient’s spine. Surgery would be required to repair the damage. Luckily, the patient’s co-worker had acted quickly and brought him to a skilled facility with a reputable neurosurgeon on staff that was well suited to perform the operation.

Following the procedure, the patient’s condition began to improve. Within a few days’ time, he was able to walk short distances and seemed stable enough to be discharged to the care of a home health aide. Assist America’s coordinators arranged and paid for the patient to travel to his home in the United Arab Emirates via business class on a commercial carrier, with a medical escort by his side.