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Situation: Assist America’s Services attached to a health insurance plan, Acapulco, Mexico, 61-year-old female fell, fracturing hip
Services Provided:
Medical Monitoring
Medical Evacuation via Air Ambulance
Hospital Admission Assistance
Medical Repatriation via Air Ambulance
Assist America’s Operations Center received a call from a member who had fallen while vacationing in Mexico and fractured her hip.  She was taken to a local facility and told that surgery would need to be performed immediately.  Assist America’s Medical Coordinator obtained information about the member’s numerous pre-existing conditions and sensing the urgency of the situation, arranged a conference call between Assist America’s Clinical Director and the surgeon.  During this discussion, it was determined that the facility was not equipped to perform the procedure since the treating team was unfamiliar with the member’s particular type of pacemaker.  That same night, Assist America arranged and paid for an air ambulance to transport the member from Acapulco to Houston, TX where the surgery could be safely performed.  Assist America’s Medical Coordinators continued to monitor the member’s care as surgery was completed and her recovery process began.  Once she was stable enough to be discharged to a rehabilitation center, Assist America worked in conjunction with her health plan to facilitate admission to an in-network facility.  To ensure that she was transported safely, Assist America then arranged and paid for the member to be transported via air ambulance to a rehabilitation center near her home for on-going care.