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5 Things You Need to Know About Travel Assistance

Traveling is great fun and most of us love an escape from the norm to go out and explore new horizons. However, traveling can also be risky and no traveler is safe from an emergency. To make your travels less stressful, a travel assistance package may be the right investment for you.

What if you encounter an emergency during your trip and are not familiar with the area’s language, need to visit a clinic, or even lose your luggage? Travel assistance services can help guide you through the situations you may face on your trip. Here’s what you need to know about travel assistance. 


In case of a medical emergency and assistance in evacuations and repatriations, Assist America can arrange and pay for a medical team to evacuate the patient to a qualified hospital or to repatriate the patient back home. Such transport can often be highly costly and put a family’s financial situation in jeopardy. In the last few years, there has been an increase in GoFundMe-type of campaigns used by families to raise money to help cover some of the costs involved in bringing their loved ones home.
With an assistance plan covering for these services, travelers and their families would not be burdened with the costs and logistics of the transport and could focus on his or her recovery.


Another thing to be aware of when enrolling to a travel assistance program is whether they carry a pre-existing condition exclusion clause. Often, companies will not provide services to travelers if the cause of their emergency is the result of diagnosed pre-existing exclusions. Some may also have a list of critical illnesses that may prevent you from receiving the services.
The program offered by Assist America has no exclusion for any pre-existing medical conditions that may have been diagnosed prior to the trip. No matter your condition and the treatment you have received or are still pursuing, Assist America will never refuse your services.


When going on a vacation, we all want to have fun and let go of the stress accumulated during our daily lives. Sometimes, some may unfortunately get carried away and have one too many drinks. Whether you are going for a stay at a resort in the Dominican Republic or touring the wineries of the Napa Valley, we understand that you will probably be in the mood to enjoy every moment and have a drink or two. 
Generally, providers of travel emergency assistance services will not provide services to a patient that shows signs of alcohol consumption in their blood. At Assist America, coordinators will still provide you with the assistance you need, no matter whether your emergency was caused by alcohol or not. With Assist America, you are free to have fun and live in the moment. 


Some people are more adventurous than others. If you are not the type to seat on a beach chair all day and would rather experience the zip-lines in the Costa Rica jungle, Assist America is the right plan for you as there is no exclusions for extreme sports and activities. Whatever your definition of a fun vacation is, our coordinators will be there to assist you should you need it and will continue to provide you with the travel assistance you may need to enjoy your trip. 

These five things listed are not the only reasons to purchase a global assistance plan prior to your next trip. If you want to learn more about what services Assist America has to offer you, visit is an amazing experience and can be made to be even better by having an emergency assistance plan on hand. With Assist America's added benefits, you can worry less about accidents and focus solely on your trip!