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Top 5 Cities to Host a Corporate Event

Corporate events offer the opportunity to interact face to face with clients, partners and colleagues and play a strategic role in maintaining strong business relations. Check out our 5 favorite cities that we think are the most suitable to satisfy all of your event’ requirements and delight your guests.
From seminars, annual summits and client receptions, corporate events offer the opportunity to interact face to face with clients, partners and colleagues and play a strategic role in maintaining strong business relations. These events are also a great way to throw in a little fun and discover new cities.

Check out our 5 favorite cities that we think are the most suitable to satisfy all of your event’ requirements and delight your guests.

1. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe where visitors can enjoy city, beach and even mountains at once! With over 400 meeting hotels and a total of 33,000 guest rooms, the city never goes out of meeting space and accommodations to host corporate events. If you are thinking of Barcelona for your next corporate event, we suggest you check out Poble Espanyol, a village built within Barcelona for the 1929 International Exhibition. Poble Espanyol offers spaces for small events and bigger scale affairs of up to 7,700 people. Also, there are plenty of great venues along the beach to organize smaller and more casual cocktail receptions.

2. Singapore

With over 53,000 sleeping rooms, Singapore has become a preferred Asian destination for event planners and business travelers. Famous for its strict local rules, Singapore is known to be a safe business hub mixing modern and traditional architecture and offering a glamourous night life. If organizing a VIP client reception, look at the Flyer Lounge and the SEA Aquarium for extraordinary and breath-taking spaces.

3. New Orleans

Besides being one of the most culturally and historically-rich destinations in the U.S., New Orleans offers updated infrastructure and modern accommodation options. New Orleans offers a great mix of modern event facilities and original venues to host cocktails and receptions (e.g. charter a traditional steamboat for a reception up and down the Mississippi River). New Orleans is considered by many travel agents a bargain destination as many tourism officials are willing to cut down prices to secure conventions.

4. Abu Dhabi

Sometimes shadowed by Dubai, Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer too. Whatever activities you can think of, Abu Dhabi has it, from golf and racetracks, to spa and traditional markets. This ultra-modern city is a short thirty-minute ride from the desert where you can plan the most splendid parties under traditional Bedouin tents.

Remember when planning meetings in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in the Middle East, it's important to remember that local etiquette. For instance, women should cover their shoulder and dresses should be under the knees. During the Ramadan, stores close during the day and reopen at night. In Abu Dhabi, alcohol can only be consumed in hotels, restaurants and other licensed facilities. Finally, always ask a guard or security officer nearby if photos are allowed.

5. Panama City

Advantageous economic and tourism policies have made Panama City an attractive and financially-wise option, especially for U.S. meeting planners. Panama City is the world’s second largest Free Trade Zone and the U.S. dollar is the official currency. Panama is also part of the IRS tax exemption, allowing U.S. companies to deduct business expenses for meetings held in the country. There are many nice rooftops in Panama City, overlook the Canal. Check out the Tantalo or the Gatto Blanco rooftops for drinks after your day of meetings. 

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