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Getting your vaccination? Hepatitis A Outbreaks
The general rule of thumb was that as a United States citizen, if you planned on traveling to foreign countries you should get your Hepatitis A vaccination.  However, it is becoming more and more apparent you don’t have to go outside the United States to be exposed.


Earthquake Safety Tips
Central Italy has been hit by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in the region of Umbria about 65 miles northeast of Rome. Many roads in and out of towns have been cut off, but it does not appear that there will be any air travel disruptions - flights to Perugia and Rome are both unaffected.


Airport Medical Clinics: A Thorough Exam in North America
A boring layover can be a pain, but getting sick at an airport terminal can be even worse. With cases like allergic reactions, dehydration or even heart attacks affecting travelers, having medical clinics at the airport might seem like a no-brainer.


Next Level World Travel: Private Jet Itineraries Are Taking Off
As the demand for bespoke, one-of-a-kind travel experiences skyrockets, luxury trips designed around the use of private jets are becoming de rigueur for granting guests no-holds-barred access to the world at large.


Clear The Runway: The 10 Best Looking Airline Uniforms
Southwest Airlines unveiled its new uniforms with none other than an in-flight fashion show.


Coolest travel products on Kickstarter, August 2016 edition
We might be nearing the end of the busy summer travel season, but it’s never too soon to start preparing for the next time you’re holding a boarding pass and running toward your departure gate. The innovators and big thinkers on Kickstarter have some new ideas to keep you comfortable, carry-on sized and – perhaps most importantly – well-caffeinated on your upcoming business trips or on family vacation.


Airline System Outages Happen a Lot More than You Think
Delta Airlines continues to encounter disruptions Aug. 9, a day after a system outage prompted a worldwide ground stop. This outage shows the problem in Delta’s computer system and these glitches happen a lot more than you think. 


Situation: Assist America’s services attached to a health plan, 34-year-old male traveling on business in Kenya was paralyzed following seizure


Video Shows Man Walk Easily Past TSA Checkpoint At DFW
To the many who have ever wondered how you could just slip on through past the TSA, there is a video that shows a man doing just that.


Wearing High Heels to the Airport: 5 Common Myths
Back in the days when commercial flights were first becoming mainstream, the Pan Am girls weren’t the only ones looking fly to fly. Traveling via airplane was a rare, expensive and extremely special occasion and, thus, passengers dressed to impress in suits, hats, dresses, coats, and, of course, heels.


Southwest Airlines Computer Outage Still Causing Major Delays, Cancellations
Early Thursday, Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel and delay hundreds of additional flights after a computer system outage caused the cancellation of an estimated 700 flights on Wednesday.


A Guide to the Rio 2016 Summer Games
The 2016 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, and commonly known as Rio 2016, is a major international multi-sport event in the tradition of the Olympic Games due to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to August 21, 2016.


The Traveler July 2016
An informational bulletin on security, medical, and travel related issues


10 Ways To Avoid Tourist Traps
If you’re eating next to a tourist attraction, you’re eating at a tourist trap.


Is this the future of TSA passenger screening?
The U.S. Transportation Security Administration showed off its new experimental passenger screening lines -- what the agency said could be the first chapter of a book titled, "The Future of the TSA."


Eritrean Man Hidden In Luggage
Migrants seeking a better life will do astounding things to attempt to cross a border. One video recently surfaced that shows a man from Eritrea who stuffed his six-foot frame into what looks to be carry-on luggage.


What Makes Fiji So Special?
Fiji is probably the exact image that comes to mind when most people envision the ideal trip to the South Pacific.


The Empire State Building Now Features A Gigantic App
The Empire State Building experience is now getting a boost from your phone.


Suicide bombing at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey
Suicide bombing at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey, late June 28 kills at least 36 people, injures at least 147.


New Airline Etiquette Survey: What Does It Mean for Business Travelers?
It’s time for a crash course in manners – an airline cotillion for the business traveler if you will.