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National Travel & Tourism Week: May 1-7, 2016
Favorite Foods from our 50 states (part 4 of 5)


National Travel & Tourism Week: May 1-7, 2016
Favorite Foods from our 50 states (part 3 of 5)


National Travel & Tourism Week: May 1-7, 2016
Favorite Foods from our 50 states (part 2 of 5)


National Travel & Tourism Week: May 1-7, 2016
Favorite Foods from our 50 states (part 1 of 5)


National Travel & Tourism Week 2016: Introduction
In celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week and the theme of “Travel ‘16”, Assist America will be sending emails highlighting Favorite Foods from our 50 states, from May 2-6.  Regardless of your political views, great food is something we can all agree on


Incredible new views of an over-photographed city
Many tourists, photographers and even residents have fallen in love with Hong Kong's endless energy and tangle. The stacks and layers of Lego-like buildings, which gave rise to the now-hackneyed term "residensity," are a popular subject for Instagram pros and amateurs alike. The problem is, it's a challenge to come up with unique, breathtaking views of an almost over-photographed city.


Situation: Assist America’s Services attached to a health insurance plan, Acapulco, Mexico, 61-year-old female fell, fracturing hip


Here Are The 21 Worst Travelers You Meet At The Airport
These people are the apex of horrendous behavior. Or, if you like, they are the absolute nadir of the traveling world.


Travel Tech Next: Super Charge Your Travel With PompAdapter
Little did you know but your travel charger could use a little buddy. PompAdapter is just that, a close personal friend of your smartphone or tablet charger that makes your power solution far more efficient – at least that is what the people behind the innovation boast on Indiegogo.


Disaster Preparedness: Earthquakes
With the recent major earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador causing damage and casualties, Assist America would like to ensure that you are informed and prepared when you are traveling should you encounter an earthquake or other natural disaster.


Lonely Planet launches guide to world's most spectacular toilets
It's an unfortunate traveler that must choose a vacation destination on the quality of its toilets. At least they now have a handy guide.


Americans and Canadians might need visas for Europe
Be prepared! You might need a visa for your next European holiday or business trip.


8 women shattering the travel industry's glass ceiling
Like too many industries, travel has long been a business dominated by men. From airlines to hotels to tour operators — it hasn’t historically been easy for women to break through travel’s glass ceiling.


Can getting the right travel card at the right time make your vacay more affordable? Yes, study says
Sign up for an airline travel credit card at the wrong time of year and you could end up many days late and nearly $200 short.


The Traveler March 2016
An informational bulletin on security, medical, and travel related issues


Pavlof Volcano in Alaska still erupting, sending ash plume up to 37,000 feet
Alaska's Pavlof Volcano, which erupted unexpectedly over the weekend, continued to rumble and fling ash into the sky Monday, the Alaska Volcano Observatory said. The ash plume is now 37,000 feet high and trails some 400 miles to the northeast over the Alaskan interior. Aviation alerts were up in the region.


Repercussions of Brussels Terrorist Attack
Authorities are boosting security across Europe in the wake of the terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium. Additional security personnel are being deployed to airports, train stations, and other mass transit sites, likely in response to the targeting of the airport and metro stations in Brussels. Security checks have also been intensified and more patrols deployed along borders.


Where are the world's happiest countries?
Fans of Denmark must be even happier than usual: Denmark has retaken the title of "world's happiest country," knocking Switzerland into second place.


Woman hides child in carry-on bag
A woman was arrested upon arrival at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport on Monday after she tried to conceal a child inside a carry-on bag on a flight that came from Istanbul, Air France said in a statement obtained by CNN Wednesday.


What happens when you're born on an airplane?
Renewing a passport and border checks are not the easiest of tasks for Shona Owen thanks to the unusual location of her birth.